Info for Landowners

Are goats a good choice for you?

As livestock go, goats are relatively easy to care for, but they have some needs that are important to consider.

Goats can eat poison oak and blackberries as well as keep fuels down. And they're cute! These goats are working in Calaveras County.

Fencing requirements:

We can provide polymer electric fence to contain goats on properties that are unfenced, but there must be a cleared fence line on which to roll out the fence. We can clear fence line for lots with relatively light vegetation like grass or light brush, but fence lines through heavy brush must be cleared by the landowner before we can start. Rental prices are higher for properties that do not have their own secure fencing in place.

Daily Checks:

The landowner must be present or have a designated attendant on the property each night. They must count the goats each morning and evening and ensure the goats have access to clean water and feed if supplemental feeding is required.


We will install a secure shelter so the goats can be in during the night, you can choose to put the goats in the shelter yourself or to pay us a service charge to come out and put the goats in for you. Service charges are negotiated based on distance and herd size. You must be there in the morning to let the goats out no later than 6:30 am.