What to Expect

So, what can you expect when you call Motherlode Goats LLC?

First we will communicate via email or phone gathering information and answering specific questions you may have.

Then we will schedule an initial site visit during which we will meet and look over the property.

Goats are important for vegetation management. Even small goats like this one in San Andreas can eat a lot of poison oak!
We want to meet you!

We will supply you with a detailed cost estimate for your rental. We base our pricing on various factors including density of brush, difficulty of terrain and total fencing perimeters.

We will go over liability paperwork and our grazing agreement.

After an agreement is signed, we will schedule a date for fence setup. We set up our fences a day or two before the herd move.

After fences are in place, we will move our goat herd onto your property and begin our agreed-upon rental period.

During the rental period, we will make regular site visits to ensure all systems are working well and goats are healthy and productive.

Payment is due upon termination of the rental period. We will keep track of how many goats you have and give you a detailed billing statement when your rental is completed. If the agreement exceeds one month, we will bill monthly.

When your rental period is up, we will load up our goats, pack up our fences and leave you to enjoy the rewards of a sustainably grazed property.